How to Donate to MovingPotential

Make checks payable to:
The Flow Chart Foundation
348 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534

Digital donations:
Click the button below, which links to the support page of our fiscal sponsor, The Flow Chart Foundation. Once there, click on “Support Flow Chart” to complete your donation. Please be sure to type in our name, MovingPotential, to the “in honor of” box. If you can also send us an email when you make the donation, it will help us keep things straight with TFCF!

Each year, MovingPotential brings yoga and mindfulness to traumatized populations in jails, prisons and recovery centers. What keeps us repeatedly going into these dark places? It is the transformations we witness and the relationships we create. We have co-created a specific relationship, over time, for each group that we connect with.

In the first few months of the pandemic, we completed the first-ever (in the country) yoga teacher training for women at Meadow Run, a mandated recovery center. Four women made the commitment and became certified to teach yoga. We see how these tools can provide a foundation for personal and social transformation. Now we are going to start a second cohort with a diverse and promising group of four new women.

It’s so simple to care, and it is profound

We also have a relationship with each of you – we write this to you because we know you care. We want to sustain our connection to you and let you know that what you donate, whatever that can be, touches so many people. It’s a win/win situation: then we are all able to explore new avenues for self-connection, healing, and transformation. Your support is what makes it possible.

The organization consists of a small team of teachers, sharing information, and continuing to train in best practices.

Many Thanks from the MovingPotential TEAM:
Sondra Loring, Elle Renaldo, Lea Bender, Brooke Murray, Bethany Caputo, Nkoula Badila, Yansa

sadhana yoga service project trainees in recovery

Your Donation at Work:

  • $75 supports a mat and blanket for one student

  • $150 pays one teacher

  • $600 supports one woman for one month in the teacher training program at Meadow Run

MovingPotential currently serves the following organizations:

Samaritan Daytop Village (Meadow Run/Fox Run), Rhinebeck, NY

Columbia County Jail, Hudson, NY

Re-Entry Columbia, Hudson, NY

Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood, Hudson, NY

Greene Correctional Facility, Coxsackie, NY

We believe everyone deserves access to the healing benefits of yoga.